Returns Policy

Policy on returns and refunds.

Version number: 1.1

If Customer wishes to return any Goods, please contact us, the Sales Department of Prepaid Gamer Online, first to let Prepaid Gamer Online know why you wish to return the Goods. Customer is obliged to return any Goods to Prepaid Gamer Online if Customer exercises any right of cancellation.

Right of cancellation

Section 44 of the ECT Act (the right to a seven day cooling off period) is applicable to Goods purchased on this site. However, our digital Goods fall under one of the excluded Goods (s42(2)(f)(iii) - Goods because of reasons of their nature are un-returnable) and so Customers will not have the seven day cooling off period.

Returns for digital goods

All purchases of digital goods and gift cards are final. Any purcashed digital goods or gift cards are non-returnable and non-refundable.

Returns for faulty digital goods

If the Customer's digital Good does not work on a valid account, and has not been redeemed, we will replace or refund you the monies after we have consulted with the supplier of the Good to make sure the codes have not been used (see Returns Period). For any digital goods purchase to be eligible for refund, the Customer must report the fault within 48 hours of purchase.

Returns Period

Due to the nature of the goods, any return process will require 7-10 working days to complete before the monies are fully refunded. This is to allow Prepaid Gamer Online to return the code into circulation, as well as consult with the supplier of the Good to ensure the codes have not been used.

Processing of Refunds

Where Customer is entitled to a refund, the Customer may elect to have the amount -

  1. credited to their account to be used against future orders; or
  2. paid into a valid South African bank account via bank transfer; or
  3. returned to the credit card used on the order.